Organic Grown Food Is Better For You – Maybe Not!

This report will surely fall on many deaf ears. Before you go postal on me, I prefer natural and organic fertilizers and pest control measures over harsh man made chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, if ‘natural’ methods fail, I will resort to man made pesticides and fungicides before I let some hungry bug or worm destroy 2 or 3 months time I have invested in my garden!

Some of these critters are almost indestructible without resorting to man made contact and residual sprays or dusting powders.

Now the Organic food report your don’t want to hear about!
Organic food is no healthier than ordinary food, a large independent review has concluded.
There is little difference in nutritional value and no evidence of any extra health benefits from eating organic produce, UK researchers found.

The Food Standards Agency who commissioned the report said the findings would help people make an “informed choice”. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine looked at all the evidence on nutrition and health benefits from the past 50 years.
Among the 55 of 162 studies that were included in the final analysis, there were a small number of differences in nutrition between organic and conventionally produced food but not large enough to be of any public health relevance.

Overall as published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found no differences in most nutrients in organically or conventionally grown crops, including in vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
The same was true for studies looking at meat, dairy and eggs. Differences that were detected, for example in levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, were most likely to be due to differences in fertilizer use and ripeness at harvest and are unlikely to provide any health benefit, the report concluded. Read full story at: No Benefit

Why Is Common Sense So Uncommon?
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Updated 01/05/2012


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