Beet Root – Love Them Or Hate Them – They Are Good For You!

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Beets a Health Food Is a very good although a bit wordy article on the health benefits of beets.

fresh beets

Fresh garden beets

Who Knew! That flaviscens (chard) That Chard that I grown for its leaves {cooked like spinach}, which has thick and fleshy midribs are part of the beet family!

Beets are super easy to grow and ‘almost’ fail proof. Plant them 1/2 inch deep, spaced 3 inches apart and in 50 – 60 days you will have more garden fresh beets than your family and friends can eat. That’s when it’s time to can or freeze your surplus beets for consumption during the long cold winter months.

Peel and eat them raw fresh from the garden, sliced and diced in salads, fresh pickled with sliced onions, boiled, baked, broiled and grilled. No matter how you serve them they are always delicious and healthy food.

Simple How To Pickle Beets This is an easy to do and easy to follow DIY canning your very own pickled beets instructions.

beet health

Eat your beets, they are good for you

University of Illinois has selected these varieties.
Crosby’s Egyptian (56 days to harvest; uniform, sweet, dark red roots; semi-globe to heart shaped; glossy, bright green tops, excellent for greens)

Detroit Dark Red (58 days; tender, round, dark red roots)

Early Wonder (52 days; flattened globe shape; dark red, sweet and tender)

Lutz Green Leaf (70 days; an heirloom winter-keeper type; purplish red exterior, deep red interior; large, glossy green tops, excellent for greens; roots stay tender even when large; stores extremely well)

Ruby Queen (60 days; AAS winner; excellent quality; early; round, tender, sweet, fine-grained, attractive, uniform roots)

Sangria (56 days; ideal globe shape, even in crowded rows; deep red; good greens when young)

Sweetheart (58 days; extra-sweet, round, tasty roots; tops good for greens)

Garden (hybrid)

Avenger (57 days; uniform, vigorous; smooth, medium, globe- shaped red roots; glossy tops, good for greens)

Big Red (55 days, best late-season producer, excellent flavor and yield)

Gladiator (48 days; juicy, fine-grained flesh, deep red throughout; holds color without fading when cooked; uniform shape, size and flavor; excellent for canning)

Pacemaker (50 days; early; short tops, excellent-quality roots)

Red Ace (53 days; early; sweet, red roots; resists zoning in hot weather; vigorous grower)

Warrior (57 days; highly uniform, globe shape develops quickly, holds quality as roots grow large; dark red color inside and out; tops fringed with red)


Little Ball (50 days; very uniform, small size; good shape; very tender; grows quickly to form smooth roots)

Little Mini Ball (54 days; roots the size of a silver dollar at maturity; round; canned whole; short tops good for greens)


Cylindra (60 days; long, cylindrical; all slices of equal diameter)

di Chioggia (50 days; Italian heirloom; rounded, candy red exterior; raw interior banded red and white; sweet, mellow flavor; bright green tops, mild and tasty; germinates strongly and matures quickly; does not get woody with age)

Golden (55 days; buttery color, sweet mild flavor)

Green Top Bunching (65 days; round, bright red roots, good internal color in cool weather; tops superior for greens).

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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  2. Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Eat your beet’s there good for you 🙂


  3. I recently had a great dinner with beets as a side dish. I also found a recipe for a beet salad. I haven’t tried it yet…but plans are in the making to do so!

    Thanks for a great article on beets in general!


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