Mayor Say’s “Convert Your Lawn Into A Vegetable Garden”

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Convert Lawns To Vegetable Gardens At last a bureaucrat with an operational brain. Mayor Darrell Mussatto wants to convert North Vancouver’s lawns to urban farmland. North Vancouver council has instructed it’s staff to prepare an urban agriculture strategy. Mayor Mussatto said “We want people to convert the yards of single family homes into gardens and even commercial farms.”

Craig Keating said “People recognize that the way we are dealing with food in our society has got to change, we need to re-examine how we deal with public spaces and parks. We should be re-examining whether front yards should only be decorative, and we should support commercial agriculture in the city. We need to make sure there are not any obstacles to inhibit family yards from converting to agricultural use.

Read Lawns to gardens> for a full report.

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4 responses to “Mayor Say’s “Convert Your Lawn Into A Vegetable Garden”

  1. I love your idea. Can you milk a pigmy goat? I like to make cheese … chevre. Will ‘my girls’ [ 4 large black Australorps & 4 tunneling Rhode Island Reds] like a goat? Even my cat knows enough to leave the big girls alone. He patrols their fence but they let him know in no uncertain terms who’s boss … grin … he’s going to need tuna therapy soon … S.


  2. WHEW~!!! I thought I was going to have to get on a pedestal. Thankfully, I live about 3 hours away from North Vancouver [ 2 hr ferry ride+ 1 hr drive]. Still it is great that someone is leading the way in that direction. In my area most people have their pretty front garden but do grow vegetables, fruit trees etc in the back. Some even have a few chickens. The by-laws for this rural district won’t let us keep any other animals unless we have at least 2 acres of land. Most lots run about half an acre. Even at two acres there would be restrictions on the amount of ‘livestock’ you could have. Alas, I cannot have the goat I want as I only have half an acre. Perhaps this will change when food becomes much more expensive.


    • Smile, get a goat and tell all of your neighbors ‘No it’s not a goat’ It’s a new gadget developed in Texas. It’s self propelled, fully automated grass and brush control system. This model also comes with a ecologically friendly manure distribution system. It consumes no petroleum products and emits no petroleum based CO2’s and is amazingly quite while in operation. With only 1/2 acre you may want to opt for the economy model ‘Pygmy goat’. 🙂


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