DIY Chicken Feeder – Salad Greens – Hold The Vinegar And Olive Oil

bucket-chicken-feeder DIY vegetable tray chicken feederBackwoods Home Magazine Has a great article on DIY chicken feeder. It’s easy, it’s cheap and best of all it works!

This article contains lots of detail pictures and a easy to understand and follow instructions on constructing a chicken self feeder of a few dollars if you need to purchase all the parts or almost nothing if you look around for bucket that is being thrown into the garbage bin.

**Hint: Suspend feeder 2 – 6 inches off the floor, top of the feeder trough should be the same height as the back of your chickens, causing them to stretch there necks a little to reach feed you provide.. This prevents your chickens from wasting feed and keeps them from trying to scratch feed out of your feeder.

Salad greens and eggs. Lettuce salad – hold the vinegar and oil! If your are lucky like I am, and have the space and a coop, you can supplement your birds diet with all the bits and pieces of vegetables from your garden that your don’t use. They enjoy having the additional greens and it’s good for them as well. Chickens will eat almost anything that does not eat them first. Give them all your vegetable peeling’s to include onions, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage and potato’s. Chickens will also benefit by feeding them your dried and crushed egg shells.

Chicken manure and litter spread in your garden is a very good way to improve your garden soil as well as give your soil a big boost of nitrogen. Go light with the amount you use and work well into your garden soil to speed it’s breaking down so plants can use it’s nutrients. *Caution – to much raw chicken manure can burn plant roots and reduce fruit set. Best used on non-flowering, non-fruit producing crops like lettuce and bok choy.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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