Texas to New York Hammered by Spring Storms

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storm damage

Storms and Tornado's hit Southern States

April 28, 2011 Southern gardeners abandon garden plans and are now accessing damages from a 1,000 mile long front of strong storms and tornado damage. In the past few days storms and tornado’s have killed at least 248 people confirmed dead stretching from Texas to New York. Storms Kill 250

National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla, said it received 137 tornado reports around the region into Wednesday night. FEMA has approved Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley request for emergency federal assistance, including search and rescue assets. About 1,400 National Guard soldiers have been deployed around the state. Aerial photo’s of Storm Damage

Browns Ferry nuclear power plant about 30 miles west of Huntsville, Al. lost off-site power. Tennessee Valley Authority owned plant had to use seven diesel generators to power the plant’s three units. The safety systems operated as needed and the emergency event was classified as the lowest of four levels, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.

As you go about your daily tasks and gardening activities, take time to think about your families storm survival plans. Check and restock as needed your emergency survival package. Discuss with your family the location of storm shelters, where to go and what to do in the event of a strong storm in your area. NWS / NOAA Storm Safety Plans

My iGarden website

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2 responses to “Texas to New York Hammered by Spring Storms

  1. Thanks for the reminder about being prepared for natural disasters. Too often we put it on the TO DO list and never quite get to it.

    In the Pacific Northwst, we have no experience with tornadoes and can hardly imagine the devastation and loss of life that the South is experiencing.

    Locally there has been some concern in the news recently that Mt. St. Helen’s in Washington State might blow again. The activity in 1980 was a volcanic erruption caused by an earthquake. Of course the whole pacific coast is on a fault line and ripe for earthquakes. [This recent concern may have been a reaction to the devastation of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.]

    The possibility of an earthquake is not just a coastal thing. Central US states have frequent activity. [Central U.S. – Cooperative Central and Southeast U.S. Seismic Network CERI/SLU/USC = Center for Earthquake Research and Information]. They reported a small earthquake near Maysville OK on April 26, 2011 as well as other activity in nearby states.

    Would this rumbling of the earth have any effect on a tornado if they happened at the same time?

    It would seem that the earth is in a great state of flux this year.


    • There is no place that is totally safe from storms, earthquakes or even a long dormant volcano erupting.

      So many fail to realize if you live along any coast line, mountain range or near most major rivers,
      you are setting on top of a quake fault line that is subject to once again become an active quake zone or ‘less likely’ the site of a volcanic eruption.

      Oklahoma has two small mountain chains that one, the Wichita’s and another in eastern Oklahoma, the Arbuckles.
      Both produce numerous trimmers every year.

      Be safe, be prepared.

      I hope your drying out a bit and your days will be filled with warm sunshine.


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