Soil Temperature and Successful Home Gardeners

Germination Temperature Information
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Food for thought {pun intended} Whether you are planting your seeds directly into your garden soil or in seedling pots, soil temperature is all important in getting them off to a good start..

Few gardening guru’s ever tell those new to gardening how to maximize seed germination after you invest, money, time and effort into getting that tiny seed into the soil. For proper germination and strong healthy seedlings you must have the right combination of soil temperature, soil moisture and planting depth.

Seeds planted to shallow will emerge quickly, but, will be easily damaged until they have time to put down deep roots. Seeds planted to deep may never emerge into the light of day. *Read and follow planting instructions on your seed package!

  • If your soil is to wet, your seeds may rot before germination.
  • Planted in dry soil your seed will lay dormant until there’s enough moisture to germinate.
  • Seed planted in cool soil will be slow to germinate or your seeds may rot before they germinate.
  • Success with seed

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