Garden Harvest – Staged Planting – What Do I Do Now?

Southern ‘USA’ gardeners are harvesting crops that are early producers and thrive in cooler weather. Cabbage, lettuce of all varieties, beet root, radishes and many other fast growing, early producing vegetables.

Most of {us} home gardeners fail to think and plan ahead to our garden harvest. We tend to plant too much of our seed and seedlings all on the same day causing us to have far to much of one vegetable ready for harvest on the same day! When what we ‘really’ should be doing is stage planting only a few seeds and seedlings every 7 to 10 days to spread out harvest out over a much longer time period. Extending our harvest out over several weeks or even several months.

common cucumber beetle

Cucumber Beetle Is Not Your Friend

Stage planting works well for ‘almost’ all of our garden vegetables. Planed and executed properly we can harvest table ready fresh vegetables over the entire spring, summer and well into fall with little or no surplus vegetables. The only real disadvantage ‘problem’ with stage planting is insect control. Over an extended period, insect populations will build up to a point that cucumber beetles, squash bugs and vine bores may be eating more of your vegetables than you are. Companion Planting Guide Has a very useful list of what plants are useful in repelling many common garden pest.

As a last resort you can conduct industrial strength chemical warfare on your unwanted insect infestation, however you will be killing your beneficial insects at the same time. Department of Agricultural {USDA} and the Food and Drug Administration {FDA} tell us that these insecticides are safe to use on your garden. However I for one would rather not be putting any kind of poison on my food!

fresh cabbageIf your a cabbage lover, checkout windshift69’s Red Cabbage Recipe really a great recipe to go with any pork dish and her ‘frugal’ Green Cabbage Recipe(s).

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Garden Harvest – Staged Planting – What Do I Do Now?

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  3. Thanks for your endorsement of the cabbage recipes. Pork should work well instead of beef. Perhaps play around with the seasonings abit.

    Has the rain you got the other day made a huge difference to your garden?
    We are back in a rain cycle with below seasonal temperatures of around 52 degrees. Who said gardening was easy … smile …S.


    • Your welcome. re. cabbage recipes
      Garden is not my favored subject just now.
      With the 55-60 wind gust, hard blowing rain and a rather unpleasant hail storm, I don’t know if anything will fully recover. Squash, onions and garlic looks a bit like they were ran through a meat grinder. Only time will tell.
      Soil temperatures refuse to reach the magical 60%F level still into the mid-high 40’s and low 50’s at night. One of the coolest Aprils recorded in the past 90 years. So I won’t finish planting and maybe replanting until soil temperatures reaches 60%F.
      I got a total of 8 1/2 inches in 2 rain events, but it came over such a short time {8 inches in 4 hours}, that most of the water went into ponds and creeks before it had time to soak into the dry hard ground..

      Hope the sun decides to shine on your garden soon. Grin.


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