States see farms dry up, fires rage – Return of the Dust Bowl Era?

2011, Dust Bowl, Not Salad Bowl !

Oklahoma fire burns over 30 homes

Oklahoma was drier in the four months following Thanksgiving than it has been in any similar period since 1921. That’s saying a lot in the state known for the 1930s Dust Bowl, when drought, destructive farming practices and high winds generated severe dust storms that stripped the land of its topsoil.

Dozens of people in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have lost homes to the hundreds of grass fires that have torn through the parched landscape in the past month. This year, the biggest losses are likely to come from the drought’s effect on wheat planted last fall and was to be harvested this June.

President of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, said many wheat farmers are considering just plowing under their fields. Oklahoma state climatologist said conditions have actually gotten worse since crops began emerging. Plants have rapidly sucked up the limited moisture in the soil and are now dieing due to lack of soil moisture.

Paul Fruendt said “he’s been farming for 25 years and he’s never seen such bad growing conditions”. His farm in Guthrie in central Oklahoma got a little rain, but he said his crops will still probably run out of water within a few weeks without rain.

We’re going to suffer, said Fruendt, who has invested about $100,000 in his 2011 wheat crop said “Probably two-thirds of our gross income has already been wiped out.”

  • Common sense Thought of the day: Yes it’s dry, but it has been drier longer before. It will start raining again, it always has and always will be dry and wet cycles, were just in a dry cycle ‘today’.

    No I don’t think it has anything to do with humans causing this ‘Normal’ drought cycle.

    Yes earth is warming up a bit, but the ‘True Fact’ is the earth has been undergoing a warming trend for the past 10,000 years. Anyone remember the last ice age?

    All part of earths normal long term weather cycle. So don’t try to lay blame on humans for something that was going to occur with or without humans going about our little daily activities!

  • Why is common sense and Rain so uncommon?
    Don’t be Shy. Leave me your comments.

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    3. I agree. THANKS


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