Free Chicken Coop Plans and Brooder Designs And Plans

Green Living Love to Know Has a great site chocked full of useful information and links to DIY – Chicken Coop Designs, Blueprints and Plans as well as a great number of easy cheap DIY brooders.

Chicken coop on wheels

This site is well worth taking a look at and benefiting from the links they provide. Best of all It’s All Free for the Do It Your Self kind of people.

They have a large number of Plans and pictures of both Chicken Coops as well as Chick Brooders to get you started in the right direction.

Green Living-Raising chickens for eggs
BackYardChickens – How to build a coop
Build a Stealth chicken coop
64 Square foot – Easy to build coop
NDSU Extension Service – Agricultural and Biosystems
University of Tennessee Extension has a collection of over 300 building and equipment plans

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13 responses to “Free Chicken Coop Plans and Brooder Designs And Plans

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  2. Aww…my dream! Thanks for the links! Anyone want to trade meat pigeons for chickens? The require no heating, no brooders, no particularly special anything, really. So why do I wish I had chickens and all their extra work? Because I like them, and I like the idea of them pottering about in my yard and giving me a few eggs. Silly romanticism, I guess…


  3. This is a treasure trove! Thank you for all these wonderful links.


  4. I wish we could have chickens but we are too close to our neighbors.


    • Re: olemike Thanks for visiting my tiny blog.
      I don’t know your situation, but, I know several people that keep 2-3 hens in their garage and basements. A hen only needs 2 to 3 square feet of cage space. One of those larger pet cages or a large rabbit cage works well, they have a removable bottom tray for easy cleaning. 2 hens will lay 10-11 eggs a week, hens unlike roosters are quite and gentle. You do not need a rooster to produce eggs. Chickens need 14-16 hours of cage lighting.
      Anyway just a thought.
      Happy summer gardening


  5. I love the pink chicken coop! Great post!


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  7. My husband wishes we could have chickens in our urban backyard. I bet we could figure out how if we really tries, but since I’m allergic to eggs (and REALLY REALLY miss omelets) I told him that I won’t be tortured with yummy temptations that I can’t eat!

    If I were to raise chickens, however, I wold definitely make a bright pink coop! I read about a mobile DIY coop in John Seymour’s book The Self-Sufficient Gardener. Sounded pretty cool to me


    • Danielle MeitiRe: Thanks for finding time to visit my Tiny Blog

      Grin, don’t think of chickens as ‘egg’ producers.
      Think of them as all natural insect pest control devices….


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