Rainless Winter – Where Did All The Rain Go?

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No problem this year

I just checked our local National Weather Service mesonet station records for the past 120 day’s (4 months) and it has recorder 0.61 (6 tenths) of an inch of rain. It’s so dry I saw a frog setting in a dried up creek holding a sign, Will Work For Water.

It has been 3 or maybe 4 day’s sense our spring time south and southwest winds arrived in full blast, bringing in more dry air and dust from the desert southwest. Here in my tiny part of southwest Oklahoma, when the wind gets below 10 MPH it is considered to be a calm day. The past few days has been breezy winds holding pretty steady at 20 – 25 MPH but having gust up to the 30 MPH or so.

This condition makes it way to windy and dry to try and plant small seeds like tomato’s onions and carrots. My local weather person says today winds will be calm, meaning less than 10 MPH. So, if he’s got this forecast right I will do a quick rototiller pass tilling in a small amount of rabbit manure, in my tomato bed. Then I can plant my Porter Cherry, Heirloom Porter and a so called Improved Ported tomato as well as some weird looking yellow tomato my daughter give me, of course this will all be direct seeded not pot started seedlings.

Flock of Starling

I’m not sure but I think I’m getting the upper hand and most of the Starlings and Grackles have moved on to find a place easier to raid than my new onion and garlic crop. I have also stopped ground feeding my chickens, ducks and geese to further reduce ‘Free’ food to my unwanted feathered visitors. My bird feeders and baths will remain empty for another week or so. When I see my first House Finch, I will start filling feeders and waterers for my spring and summer visiting feathered guess. Hummingbird feeders will go up at the same time.

Dryland herb garden will be planted soon. I’m planting mostly perennials this spring. Oregano, Thyme, Sage and Rosemary and maybe a little Dill weed and Basel to go with my tomato based sauces when making meat and pasta sauces. Most perennial herbs originated in southern Europe and will thrive in hot, dry low fertility soils. If given a little north wind protection they seem to over winter well here in southwest Oklahoma.

My iGarden website

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4 responses to “Rainless Winter – Where Did All The Rain Go?

  1. Jackie Paulson Author

    The weather, death and taxes all are un predictable because you don’t know what the weather will bring, death comes suddenly unexpected, and taxes you will owe or not….it changes each year. Great post. I love herbs but cannot grow them. Ugh…blessings.


    • Don’t pay all that much attention to my whining about the weather.
      It’s been this dry before and will be again, however one of these days it will start raining and I will be whining about the ‘mud’.
      Just for the record I can say this with absolute confidence, that Old Men Have!
      Thanks for your comments.
      Best wishes from my Dry, Windy Tiny Oklahoma farm.


  2. Hi …
    Reading your news about your herbs still leaves me shaking my head about how challenging it is for you to garden. I grow the same herbs in pots outside my back door here in the Pacific Northwet [smile] and they will struggle with wet feet for another couple of months. So do you grow any drought resistent crops?
    I’ve set myself a real challenge this year by adding a Meyers lemon tree, a Melogold grapefruit and an olive tree to my garden. Do you have any experience growing any of these? … [Chuckle ] No obvious comments about buying them rubber boots, please~!!


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