Pobept Had A Little Lamb

New born lamb 5 minutes old - Click to Zoom In

Thank goodness my Barbados sheep ewe waited until today to lamb. For the past week it has been bitterly cold, highs for the day around 26% – 28% (-2%C) and lows running from 9% – 12%(-12%C) with bone chilling winds. Today at 4.30PM it was 43%(6%C) and only going to drop back to 35%(2%C) for a low tonight with near calm wind conditions.


While I was watching her (the ewe) out my window, with a blank blog entry screen staring back at me, Cleopatra (the ewe) gave birth. This was 4.45PM CST, USA time, 2245 GMT. Grabbing my camera I got my first picture when the lamb,(calling it Cotton – big white patch on it’s head) was only about 4 or 5 minutes old. Even at 5 minutes old still being cleaned up by Cleopatra, it was trying to get on it’s feet.

New born lamb 15 minutes old - Click to Zoom In

I took 2 more pictures when it was 15 minutes old, Cleopatra had it cleaned up, mostly dry and hair was fluffing up. It was on it feet following Cleopatra around the sheep pen trying to get into a position to feed.


I put a spot light up to shine into my sheep pen so I can see well enough to shoot any critters like coyotes that try to get in with my sheep to have a meal of fresh lamb chops.

What a great way to start of 2011.

New born lamb 15 minutes old - Click to Zoom In

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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