DIY Chicken Kill Cone – Cost Less Than $2.00

While searching for one or two chicken killing cones that didn’t cost $30.00 including shipping, I found a DIY idea.

**Note: pictures can be found on the Internet, I don’t have any Pictures of my cone yet.

I got two ‘Free’ road safety or construction cones that were badly faded and no longer being used from a local construction company. Stop and ask the worst thing they can say is they don’t have any!

I cut away about the last 2 – 3 inches of the cone leaving a hole in the cone that is about 2 inches in diameter for the chickens head to stick out so I can kill and bleed them.

Unless you want chicken blood and fly’s everywhere place a bucket under the cone to catch the blood. Allow the chicken to bleed out well before scalding, plucking {DIY Plucker} and processing for your dinner table or the freezer.

These cones are to small for an adult turkey or geese but work well on chickens and ducks or other birds of similar size.

10 responses to “DIY Chicken Kill Cone – Cost Less Than $2.00

  1. We raised chickens in Africa while I was growing up (my father went from Nebraska to Nigeria to teach botany and animal husbandry when I was three.) What I recall is how badly the killing of a chicken can go, and how much it affects food quality. A quick clean death is a great gift to the animals you raise for food. Thank you for this post.


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  4. I am getting ready to butcher 15 cornish cross at 10 weeks. The cones are an excellent idea. Thank you.


    • Re: Richard Brouse Thanks for finding time to visit my humble little blog And your welcome. I’m glad you found some useful information no my blog.


  5. Thanks for your visit to my little blog.

    RSS feed, sorry I really don’t have any idea what that link {URL} is or how to activate it.


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  7. Great idea.Thanks so much for posting!!Ive just done it the old fashioned way,with a stump lol.


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