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10 new kits 13 days old

Raising Back Yard Rabbits for food and profit Revisited Original Post

Their seems to be more interest in raising rabbits now that a year ago when I made my original posting on raising rabbits. Little has changed except that I now have 4 does and 2 bucks and have raised off 20 kits. My one breeding age doe is a real sweetheart. Shes a good breeder and a great mother and has provided me with 2 litters and raised 20 kits to weaning age. Our of her first litter I kept 3 of her best looking does, sold 4 kits as pets {at $15.00 each} and consumed the other 3. Her second litter of 10 kits will be butcher weight in 7 – 10 day and will be a welcome addition to my freezer.

In need for more cage space I constructed a second hutch and have moved it to my new place in the country. I will soon move all rabbits, hutches and sheep to my new place. I don’t think I have told you, I sold my 3 goats and got myself 2 Barbados sheep, 1 ram and 1 ewe. Hope to get her breed in August to lamb in late January 2011. All the literature I find ‘claims’ Barbados sheep are much better tasting meat than other sheep breeds {I’ll let you know later} and much easier to raise.

Basic information on getting a Pet Rabbit Having a Blue heeler and a Border Collie I have no need nor desire for a pet rabbit. However I have been told they make great pets. There quit ‘no barking’ grin. There are small requiring little space and you don’t need to walk them everyday.

I published an advertisement on Craigslist and a local for sale website today. I hope to sell at least a 2 of this litter to off set the cost of feed and other expenses incurred. The rest will soon be special guest my dinner table.

Kits at about 4 weeks old

Bass Rabbit Supplies I have had very good service and have been very happy with all products I have received from this company. However with the cost of UPS / USPS shipping charges if you only need a few items it may be cheaper yo buy them from your pet shop. If you or someone you know is a bit of a handyman consider building your own 1 or 2 rabbit hutch.

Feed and water considerations. I feed a commercial feed containing all the need nutrition as well as supplementing their feed with a little alfalfa hay. This seems to work well and they seem to be a bunch of happy critters. Of course a little kitchen left overs is welcome as well, lettuce, carrot peelings and the like. Hole the tomato’s and onions please.

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