Feed A Family Of 4-On a Food Stamp Budget $70 A Week

Full MSNBC Story Food Stamp Budget Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

fat peopleEating well on $70.00 a week. That’s the average food stamp budget for a family of 4. It is possible to eat well as well as healthy meals with a bit of planning and careful buying at your local market.

Sad but True, many if not all Food Stamp receipts, buy processed heat and eat foods, costing far more and being less nutritious than home cooked well planed meals. Many enrolled in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program {Food Stamp Program} are to lazy or to uneducated to properly plan feeding their family on a limited budget.

Every person that seeks to enroll in the US Food Stamp Program Should be required to attend classes and pass a test on how, what, where to buy food and how to plan a monthly family meal menu to qualify to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance {Food Stamps}. Receipt of food stamps should be limited to a total of 12 months in that persons life time! No one should be allowed to become addicted to FREE Government Programs.

Food stamp users should not be allowed to buy using food stamps unhealthy, fating foods such as soda, cake, pies, cookies, chips, candy or TV style dinners. This crap is not ‘real’ food! It’s Junk Food! That is one reason America has so many Fat Parents and Fat kids. Too many junk foods and not enough real and healthy foods like fresh meats, dairy products, vegetables and fruits.

Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?

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7 responses to “Feed A Family Of 4-On a Food Stamp Budget $70 A Week

  1. I am also college educated and have been on food stamps after divorce left me a single mother. It is true that many people abuse social welfare programs and that a culture of dependency negatively impacts society on several levels. However, I don’t think mandatory healthy eating classes and the other restrictions proposed above are realistic, nor do they even attempt to address the fundamental problems of poverty and welfare programs. Stating that other people are too lazy or uneducated to cook healthy meals is both condescending and an over-simplification. Finally, you would be wise to use proper grammar when claiming welfare recipients like me are TOO uneducated and TOO lazy to notice.


  2. I agree with Brandi. The money should be doled out according to circumstances and half the time you get lies from our local SS Dept.
    I feel really bad she doesn’t eat and allows her children to eat. There are some of us out there that have sense enough to buy proper food.


    • Re Glenda Maphis – Thanks for visiting my little blog and for your comment(s)
      The True Facts are that ‘Food Stamps’ SNAP is not and never was intended to be a families sole source of food. That’s why it’s called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). I know several families on the SNAP system. They can afford a $500.00 smart phone with $150.00 a month phone service, $200.00 a month TV/Internet service, Yet they whine that they need(Want) more Free food paid for by the American working Tax Payers.
      If they are truly hungry and missing meals why haven’t they stopped spending 3 or 4 hundred a month on nonessential and use that saved money to buy real food?
      That’s my question of the day.


  3. I have to say, that was harsh, I have been on food stamps for 3 years, I work, i have an education, but being divorced, and now a single mom of 3, I can’t afford to buy food with out the food stamp program, I get 50 dollars a week to feed 4 people (I can’t afford to eat 3 days a week those days my children are the ones who get the food.). I think that it is wrong that you judge people and you don’t know the situation. I do understand, there are people who take advantage of the system, but not everyone is like that. I do agree with the idea that junk food should not be allowed, but most people don’t know how to buy or make healthy meals on such a small budget. You really should try to be more caring for people who are not as well off as you think they should be, it is not your place to judge, it is Gods. God Bless You


    • It was intended to a harsh look at ‘many’ food stamp users buying and eating habits.
      Did you bother to read the MSNBC full story link on this subject? If not here is that link.


      By the way if you are not one of the many that spends more on junk food than ‘real’ food then you should not have been offended.

      Good luck, Good eating and have a happy safe weekend.


      • Yes, I did read the full story, this statement upset me more, (Many enrolled in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program {Food Stamp Program} are to lazy or to uneducated to properly plan feeding their family on a limited budget.) I just don’t think you should judge people, any people without knowing the whole story. You do know that the junk food is much cheaper than the healthy food and that is why most people who have to use food stamps buy the junk food, and some just don’t have the time to sit down and figure out over and over how they can feed their family healthy meals without going over budget. I feel like people who are on food stamps are judged just because they are on food stamps, suddenly they become stupid and lazy and it is just not true for everyone who has to use that program.


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